Monday, November 28, 2005

Copyrights "I Should be flattered"

As a bead designer many hours are spent creating a design. I put a lot of details into the step by step instructions and graphics. On the pattern there is a copyright that states this is for your personnal use. Personal use: This means if you purchase the pattern you have the right to make the design. You can sell the jewelry you made from the pattern for pin money. It may not be mass produced or taught as a class with permission from the designer. "Pin Money" n. Money for incidental expenses. What effect does this have on the designer? 1. A violation of the rights of the designer 2. Lost of income 3. Legal fees If you make photo copies or share the pattern electronicaly over the internet you are depriving the designer of income from that design. In most cases legal action will be taken by the Designer. For another view on bead copyright issues please read Beadline's Blog. I was told I finally "made it" as a designer if someone copies your design. You should be flattered. I am not when it is done on such a large scale.

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