Friday, October 27, 2006

Finishing Touches

Life seems to get in the way and what should take just a short period of time to finish turns into a week. After making 10 beaded beads for the strap completing the necklace was easy. The part that I enjoyed about creating this piece was the surface embellishments on top of the bead embroidery. I put a second layer of seed beads around the pearls. It gives the beadwork depth which is hard to show using a scanner to take the picture. The beaded beads were made with a ladder stitch. I used size 4 mm fire polish crystals and size 8 seed beads. If you are looking to explore this technique in bead weaving visit Robin Adkin's website. She has two books on bead embroidery and another on Finger Knotting. Her site will entice you to give bead embroidery a try.


Judith said...

that piece came out "ever so elegant" and Victorian looking.

The bad Liz said...

Bev - it's stunning. The beaded beads on the strap are very nice. You did a fab job.