Thursday, November 16, 2006

It Starts with an Idea

1. It starts with an Idea 2. The color was already picked waiting for step one to be completed DB 1055. A rich metallic bronze iris matte delica. 3. The beginning of the design. A triangle shape amulet bag using a 2 drop brick stitch As worked on the triangle the design began to form in my mind. I see a coin and stick pearl bezzeled to sit on the outside of the triangle. What I want to do next became my dilemma. I want to put fringe on both outside sides of the triangle. I need a matching size 11 seed bead to complete this design. I put out an S.O.S to the Beadtalk mailing list. Part II will posted tomorrow. I hear those sheep wanting to be counted. Thank you so much for all the help beadtalk. I see the design coming together with all the informaiton and sources you provided


The bad Liz said...

And I am waiting, with baited breath, to see what magic you created with this piece.

Take care!

No Easy Beads said...

liz hopefully after the first of the year I will have time to sit down and order the beads I need to finish this project.