Thursday, November 08, 2007

Do You Get Your Bead Daily?

Bead Daily is a blog hosted Interweave Press. It features projects, book reviews and a range of beading techniques. One of the my favorite post is an interview with Diane Fitzgerald and her new book ZULU Inspired Beadwork. Mink Beads From another country carved from a nut, this is one of my favorite beads. I found them at the first bead store that started my bead addiction. Being one of my favorite beads I used them all. My sister recently gave me the ones she had in her collection. In all my travels I have yet to find this bead again. The bead is hard like wood. It looks like mink and shimmers in the light. Platinum and Mink Bracelet Zulu Flowerettes accented with platinum seed bead. Nestled between each flowerette is a mink bead. A marcasite button elegantly brings closure to the design.

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