Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Humblebeads Contest

Those "Humblebeads" sure are getting around. They have been spotted hanging around Pirates Alley. Drinking cafe' au lait and eating beignets in the French Quarter. These are my humblebead treasures. You can pick out your own treasures at Limited one of a kind editons can be found on Etsy at These could be yours. Create a blog post about humblesbeads. Leave a message on Humblebead's blog and these beauties could be yours! The prize is over $50 worth of art beads in the William Morris' Garden pattern. One of my favorite designs by humblebeads


KV said...

Your daughter is every bit as talented as you are! I want to be able to make beads like that when I "grow up", too . . . but in the meantime, I think I will just buy some from her.

Kathy V in NM

Jean Hutter said...

Bev - not related, although I do love Heather's beads!! I finally started my Myan Treasure Cuff Kit last night and it is coming along great. When it is finished I will send you a photo. I don't know why it took me so long to get started but I am glad I did - I am keeping this one for me.

Jean Hutter said...

OMG - I slept late this morning I did look yesterday and didn't see the winner and just started looking at my e-mail now. I am so excited I LOVE Heather's beads - especially the Art Beads. I am dying to try a herringbone cuff with the 6 hole bead - I hope I do them justice they are so beautiful. I feel I am going to have a good day today - even in the rain!

Marilyn Parigian said...

As an artist, I know it is impossible to re-invent the wheel and everything has been done before. How wonderful that we can find inspiration in a classic work of art and create something so new and beautiful with subtle, gentle colors. These pieces are drop-dead gorgeous! My wheels are turning. Not to use the design in some way, but the colors. Color has always been my motivator to begin a new painting. Now that I am "into" beads, my stash of brightly colored tiny treasures is calling to me.