Monday, May 05, 2008

In Memory of Audrey Sunburn

I am sad beyond belief to hear that my dear friend Audrey has passed away. This weekend she was on my mind. It has been awhile since we heard from her. Audrey Sunburn was also know as "nahani" on the beading list. Audrey had such a kind and gentle heart. We were like sisters, friends and part of a family called BeadinBitchinBikerTurkeyBuzzardBeadinBabes. Tonight I recieved an email from her daughter Paula. She said her Mom passed away on Friday It brought home again: How short life is. You don't know what tomorrow will bring. If your thinking about someone you haven't heard from in awhile...don't wait. Call or send an email. Let them know your thinking about them. Don't wait for tomorrow they may not be here. So to you all my dear friends who stop by to see what is going on at No Easy Beads and know me as Bevvie, Bev or Beverly I haven't forgotten about you. Life has gotten in the way and I am going to work on changing that. Know that you are always in my heart and prayers.


The bad Liz said...

Sad, isn't it Bev?? It's still a shock....

For part of our walk down Memory Lane, look at:

Medieval Needle said...

Oh Bevvie I am so very sorry. HUGS.

No Easy Beads said...

Liz it is such a shock.
We have been Bitchinbikerturkeybuzzardbabes for a long time.
Mel thanks for the hugs. I sure miss you girl!!

Anonymous said...

Audrey was my friend and sister for many, many years. I miss her daily.
She had a rare, kind spirit not often found in my folk. I'm glad you left this up, sometimes I go looking on the web for pictures of her.