Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 days and counting

I picked my sister Rosanne up at the airport this afternoon. Cricket and I were so happy to see her. That means we only have two days to go before we leave the Port of New Orleans on Bead Cruise 2009. Friday, Heather will be here in time for lunch. We are going to my favorite Chinese Resturuant. Cricket always stows away in Rosanne's suit case. He never misses an opportunity to try and go along. Thanks everyone for the well wishes on our next adventure on the high seas. My camera is ready for those Kodak moments I will be sharing. Bon voyage is a French phrase borrowed into English meaning, literally, "good journey", and usually translated as meaning "have a good trip"


legalx2 said...

Bevvie, you look FABulous! I hope you have a blast on the cruise.

Libby Abbey

No Easy Beads said...

Thanks Libby! Rosanne does look good. My hair is much shorter. We were asked today if we were sisters. We laughed and said YES!