Monday, May 09, 2011

Peas on a Plate

Just liking scooting peas around on a plate from one side to the other, I have been scooting my beads from one side of the bead mat to the other. There are no great designs rolling around waiting to be created.

All I can think about is jumping in my van with the big open highway before me. Driving with the window down, The wind blowing threw my hair singing out loud to the tunes on my iPod.

Where would I go? To points north and west to visit my family.
A girl has got to have a dream to make to plans. I've got both. Now I have to find a way to make it happen.

California Highway 139

Photo by jcookfisher via flickr creative common.


Barbara Lewis said...

Trips like these get our creative juices to flow again! I hope you can make it happen. :-)

Heather Powers said...

Hurry and visit!!!! I have beads for you to roll. tee hee.

Beverly Herman said...

Thanks Barb! I hope to make it happen soon

Beverly Herman said...

Heather I knew you would put me to work!! I would love it.