Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is my sister Rosanne. We look a like don't we.

We were in a bead store shopping and a woman looked at us and asked "So which one of you did your Mom like better?" We both laughed at the same time and said neither! We aren't twins!

This my younger sister Susie and her pup Zoey.

I am having family withdrawals. My two week visit wasn't long enough.

I think we all favor my Mom. Rosanne and Mom have birthdays two day apart. I am so glad we were able to celebrate together. I hope I look as good as my Mom does when I turn 78!


stregata said...

The family resemblance is quite stunning. Hope you are well - we haven't heard much from you lately.

Beverly Herman said...

Ranate, thanks for stopping by.
I've been quietly recovering from knee surgery. I hope to get back into the swing things soon.

TesoriTrovati said...

You are all too cute! It was a pleasure finally meeting you and all your family!
Enjoy the day.

Katie said...

That's great that you got to go home and visit your family :o) I bet you're anxious to find a way to get back up there since Heather's also moved to the land of ice and snow...

I hope your knee is feeling better and be sure to use the time off of your feet to get some wonderful beading done :o)