Saturday, August 04, 2012

Every Bead Tells a Story

I started this lariat a year and a half go. It was the last time I drove to San Antonio to visit with Heather before they moved to Michigan. I miss sitting in her bead room and watching her make beads. When I saw these two beads sitting on her table a design came instantly to mind. I could see them as accents beads on a bead crochet lariat. Heather does that to you, she sparks creativity!

Do you remember where you were and who you were with when you bought your beads?

What memories do your beads hold? Mine are filled with memories of traveling. Good times spent beading with friends and family.

It is more than an Art Bead when I use it in a design. It's traveled across country or spent time on a tropical island and passed a good time.

Crocheted lariat - Humblebeads - Elaine Ray discs - Brass accents

Dress it up or dress it down. This lariat can go from a vacation on a tropical island to a night on the town.

Do you need to spark your creativity? Designs by Nature by Heather Powers will do the trick.


Elaine Ray said...

It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story.

Aleta said...

This post made me smile.... and I'm jonesing to bead again! I haven't beaded in so long it's not funny :(

Gutukas said...

Nice inspiration to use focal beads, thanks for the story. :)