Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bead Society of New Orleans.

It was my turn to teach last night at the Bead Scoiety of New Orleans. Trying to come up with something orginal to teach is sometimes a challenge. I wanted to do something that would be useful, along with learning a new bead technique. On one of the beading list I belong to they had a discussion about scissors which range in price from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars. I designed the scissors case using Ultra Suede. The trick with the surface embellishments was to attach them with only two knots. I did not want a lot of threads on the back side to catch on the tips of the scissors and possiably cut the threads. It was a good class and everyone enjoyed the project. Our mission statement: To provide an opportunity to meet together for the purpose of learning about beads. Website for the New Orleans Bead Society.

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