Sunday, January 07, 2007

Working the Loom

The easy part was working the pattern on loom. The hard part will for me be taking it off the loom. All those threads to knot to tie off. "oh my" Sova Enterprise has a new loom called a Versa-Loom. This loom elminates tying off and knotting the warp threads. It is adjustable for different size projects. The loom design makes it easy to work with fiber and beads. The Versa-Loom has been added to my list of things I want. I ordered two books last week from American Indian Beadwork by W. Ben Hunt; J. F. I want to learn how to make a rosette. Beading in the Native American Tradition by David Dean. One of the things I hope to learn is the gourd stitch. My friend Mare taught this technique at the first ABC Beadcave in Arknasas. I was teaching a class at another table and was unable to see how it was done. My hope is to someday bead a walking stick I found on the leeve using this stitch. Exploring bead techniques is an important part of learning and growing in the art of beadweaving.


The Lone Beader said...

Oh, you're loomed piece came out very nice! I tried to loom once. The concept is easy, but I felt that the warp threads were too confining.

naturtraene said...

I am really interested in Native American beadweaving. With these high-quality beads we have available nowadays, it is even more adventurous to explore ancient techniques.