Sunday, July 01, 2007

Just Before Midnight

At the stroke of Midnight the deadline ended for entering the June ArtBeadScene contest. "Let's Eat Cake" I had the art bead, I had the shoes and I had the fleur de lis but, did I have time to create something before midnight? Where did I put my pliers? Where was the wire? I headed over to Step by Step Wire to check out the wire projects. I had a design in mind. Surely I could incorporate my art bead into this project. I checked my wire. I had several gauges of sterling silver but not the right size. I was deterimed to make do with what I had. My first attempt failed. I tried again. Ok this isn't going to work I will try something else. (the last failed project is still churning in my head). I pulled out The Coiling Gizmo and cranked out a coil that would fit over the 8 inches of wire I had already hammered. I blacked the wire. My fingers were sore but I was on a roll. Time 11:30 pm. I still had the charms to add. I knew there wasn't time for anything fancy. I could put jump rings together fast enough to complete the challenge on time. The final results. "Frenchie" for Marie Antoinette. Completed just before midnight!! Let's Eat Cake! Tomorrow it's back to the beads.

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The Lone Beader said...

This is quite unique! :)