Saturday, September 15, 2007

What are you going to do with all those Rivolis?

Has the sparkle and colors of all those wonderful rivolis caught your eye? Now that you have them, what are going to make with them? I promptly got on the internet and ran over to Bead-Pattern Centeral. I had my eye on the Laura McCabe Crown Jewels Crystal Ball. I used topaz rivolis with copper iris metallic delicas. I have been wearing it on a bronze chain. I am keeping my eyes open for a antique copper chain. I have a purple one in the works. I hope to get it done before Monday. That should be easy right? It has been a week of medical procedures, doctor appointments, more medical procedures and fighting with insurance. A new job for my husband meant a business trip to Houston and a hurricane that formed so fast in the gulf it hit before he had a chance to make it home. There we go living on the edge again!! Thanks goodness all is well and he is home safe and so are we. Now if you would like to pick up some of those rivolis for youself check out Cindy's Crafts.


KV said...

I have been searching for rivolis forever! There are several antique costume jewelry pieces I have from my mother-in-law with large rivolis. Thanks for the lead -- now I can make some things for our daughters!

Kathy V in NM

Fab Fibers said...

Beautiful!! You know I love rivolis. I really like the burgandy one. Its sooo rich!