Friday, October 08, 2010

First and Last

Going back in time. I bought a roll of chain from a vendor at the Bead & Button show. It was the last of it's kind so I was told. I loved the tear shape and how it was connected. I used the first links on The Dazzled Necklace. A few dragonflies were adorned with the chain. I gave some of the chain away. Next I made earrings with the links.
I've come to the last of the links in the chain. It was a perfect match for this bracelet with a rivoli.

I have searched the internet high and low and haven't found another source for this chain. It is copper and measures 5/8 of an inch tall by a 1/2 half. If you should see something similar I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for stopping by.


stregata said...

Such a gorgeous bracelet! I admire your patience in beading - you create such lovely pieces!

Courtney said...

I have no idea about the chain, but love, love that bracelet. The colors are amazing!

Katie said...

I didn't see the teardrop chain, but I did find some neat round chain sizes at Michael's that I got yesterday...and they had some "forged links" that were rectangular, oval-shaped, and triangular...

And the bracelet is beautiful!

a2susan said...

Bev - Do you have a Menard's near you? They have circles that can be bent into a triangle/teardrop shape. Beth Kraft uses these circle for a lot of her bead work and she may sell them directly. I bought a few of your teardrop earrings and I love them. Someone wanted to buy them right off of me, I directed them to your etsy shop.