Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pizza Any One?

We just wanted Tower of Pizza. Instead we got dime size hail. Wind and rain in sheets. Wind that blew down branches. Streets flooded and the roof top ripped off of the strip mall where we had our hearts set on eating pizza tonight. We made it! 20 minutes before they opened. We watched as they sweep out and poured buckets of water out the door. Waiting for that neon SPAGEHETTI light to go on. Instead we saw other brave souls pull in the parking only to drive away. I crossed the street hoping they would say "oh yes were open" Taped to the door was a big cardboard sign that said "Carry Out Only" Now I would have called for a carry out pizza , But did I bring my phone. oN. The waitress came to the door. Bless her heart she took my order. 15 minutes later we were on our way home with our Pizza!!! Driving through water up to the wheel-well and past flooded street. Did I mention the skies were just starting to cloud up when we left on the quest for the Great Tower of Pizza. We had no idea of the adventure that awaited us as we headed out this afternoon.

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The Lone Beader said...

pizza pizza!