Friday, June 20, 2008

We had an Anniversary

June 17th Art and I celebrated 19 wonderful years of being married. This man who I love dearly has spent most of those years depriving me of any Kodak moments with him in a picture. My Mom took this picture of us at Barb's Wedding last weekend. I finished the Etruscean Treasure necklace by Marcia DeCoster just in time to wear to the wedding. I made matching rivoli earrings. The bracelet didn't get finished in time but I plan on wearing it July 19Th as a full set at my daughter's wedding. I just have to make another toggle for the clasp. The other one disappeared. I put it down some where and can't find it. I figured it will be just as easy to make another than to spend much more time trying to find first. I can't wait to show it Marcia on Bead Cruise 2009. We both had our doubts I would finish it. I am not a right angle weave girl. After finishing this piece I feel confident that I can master another project with RAW.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Bev-Great picture to treasure. Marty and I met on June 19th (a few years earlier)-so lots was going on during those days!

Hope you're enjoying your summer-you should be proud of becoming a RAW girl-you certainly mastered it!

Anonymous said...

above was from jane langan-sorry!

mycraftyways said...

Happy anniversary !
(and congratulations on finaly getting that picture taken !)

This is a gorgeous piece !
Will we be lucky enough to see the full set ?!

Fab Fibers said...

Congratulations and may you have many more happy years! I was so lucky to see that necklace up close. It's just beautiful...I'm just gonna have to knuckle down and pull out my kit and learn RAW

KV said...

Happy Anniversary, Bev! Looks like your family will be having a bunch of anniversaries to celebrate around the same time anymore.

That necklace is a stunner!!!

Kathy V in NM

The bad Liz said...

Happy Anniversary Bev and Art! The Etruscan turned out awesome - you did a good job with the RAW. It didn't take many projects of Marcia's to make me a convert!