Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's My Birthday

You say it's your birthday?...that's right. August 29Th. I made plans to celebrate my birthday before I had surgery. I ordered a Doberge Cake from Maurice's Bakery. Hurricane Gustav Today we are planning for the worse and hoping for the best. I spent yesterday packing my beads to evacuate. How do you decide which beads you will take with you? My Mom said "Bev you look like your deciding which children get to go. I have been collecting them for over 12 years. All those beads, stones, delicas, seed beads and findings. I filled a suitecase. Not just a suitcase but the biggest one I had. It was so heavy my husband just about hurt himself getting if off the bed. I told him slide it off the bed to the floor!! So tomorrow morning we will pack the car and head for Michigan. We will be leaving before a mandatory evacuation. Better to be safe and out of harms way. I will keep in touch through my blog


Fab Fibers said...

Happy Birthday to you Sister! Now we are the same age for less than one month. But I will always be older. Coming home, wahoo! I'm excited.

Jane Langan said...

Happy B'day Beverly! We'll have to celebrate when we all get back home!
Glad you're well enough to have your cake and eat it, too!

Ya'll have a safe trip!

KV said...

Happy Birthday, Bev -- and godspeed on your trip to Michigan. Been thinking about you since yesterday and hoping you were well enough to travel.

Gosh, you must have a husband as nice as mine to lug all those beads!

Kathy V in NM

No Easy Beads said...

Can't wait to see you in couple of days Rosanne.
Jane you travel safe and I will see you when we all get back home safely.
Kathy I do have a nice husband even if he grumbles while toting those beads.
We are heading out of town in the morning.
I will be blogging while I am gone.
So you all come back ya hear. *grin*

Bead-Mused said...

A very happy birthday, Bev! Stay safe and dry in the days to come, and enjoy that cake!


Carol Dean said...

Happy belated birthday, dearest Bev! I hope you are safe and that you come back to a landscape and home that are no different from the one you left.

Triz Designs said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! and I wish you and all your family all the best! stay safe!!!!

Jean Hutter said...

Happy belated birthday Bev and I am thinking about you and everyone else in your area during this hurrican season - please stay safe.

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