Monday, August 18, 2008

A word from Beverly

Just got word that Beverly has had her surgery and everything went well. She's still in recovery and might stay the night. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We all wish you a speedy recovery Bevvie! Rosanne


Jackie said...

Bevvie, Glad you are through the surgery! Take it easy and let them baby you! I love you and pray for a speedy recovery.


Jean Hutter said...

Good news! Bev take it easy, my thoughts are with you. You will be back here blogging in no time.

KV said...

Thank you, Roseanne -- been thinking of her so much these past few days and it is good to hear that she will be fine.

Kathy V in NM

Fab Fibers said...

I spoke to Bev this afternoon.
She's a bit sore and just wants to stay in bed. Cricket is stuck to her side trying to make her happy and her DH is there helping too.