Thursday, August 07, 2008

There are Witches in this Post

In June I brought my Mom back home with me for a visit. We drove to Mississippi to see with my Aunt Delores and Uncle Joe. Aunt Delores has been busy making Witches for Halloween. These are replacements for her girls who lost all their holiday decorations in the storm (Katrina) 84 days to go. Are you ready for Holloween?


Fab Fibers said...

Those are the sweetest dolls - even for witches. Aunt D is very
good at her sewing. I bet she is having fun with those. Thanks for putting them up so I could see them.

Jean Hutter said...

Bev - I love witches - I have a few I leave out all year - I even have a little kitchen witch hanging over my sink. These are awesome!!