Friday, February 25, 2005

Netted Bracelet with a Humblebead

Click here to see a larger picture. It is a joy to have a daughter who creates such wonderful beads that I can use in my beadwork. This bracelet was created using a netting technique. Surface embellishments include beaded leaves with vintage leaves and faceted pearl accents. If you would like to purchase this piece of Bead Art please contact me by email. If you would like see more humblebeads and kits, you can visit Heather's site and see her work in action.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Lesson Learned

I learned a valuable lesson this year at the Tucson Bead Show. I was invited to teach at "To Bead True Blue". I accepted a verbal contract to teach two class at a set rate. Each class had a limit of 12 students. For each class I prepared 12 kits and written instructions. I arrived a half hour early prepared to teach my first class which was a beaded bead. I was met at the door by a concerned vendor who heard a rumor that another vendor/teacher had been asked to teach my class because Anna did not want to pay me for teaching the class with only 3 students. The vendor/teacher told Anna no she would not teach my class. My next step I sought out Anna and asked her if she was going to pay me. She said yes and told me I could sell my books and kits at the table while I was teaching. I sold a few books and kits during my class. After the class I asked Anna when she was going to pay. She told me at the end of the show. She said if she did not get more to sign up for the class on Saturday she would have to cancel it without pay. The reason being she did not know if she would make a profit from the show. I told her you do not invite someone to teach and not pay them. I was told I could set up and sell what I had brought to make up the difference. I did not come prepared to set up a booth and sell. I came prepared to teach. I did not have enough inventory or the set up to display for selling. For that reason I declined the offer. Friday night I was at dinner with my family and I got a call on my cell phone at 7:40 pm from Anna. She told me my Saturday class was cancelled and I would not be getting paid for it. I was very disappointed with the professional ethics displayed at this show. Number One: It is unethical to ask another teacher to teach another teacher's class. Number Two: You don't invite a teacher to teach a class and not pay them. I was not the only teacher who's class was cancelled without pay. The lesson I learned, do not accept an offer to teach with out a written contract.