Thursday, July 24, 2008

What No Beads?

Decorative Crochet Issue #7 1989 Before I discovered beads my passion was crocheting with fine cotton. The pineapple pattern in a dollie was my favorite design. I have pulled out my favorite magazine to crochet this dollie for my daughter who was married on July 19th of this year. This is my progress so far. Is this a 19 year cycle? The magazine is 19 years old, my daughter was married on the 19th and I just had my 19th wedding anivarsary.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Midsummer's Night Dream EBWC

Midsummer Night's Dream Dicrohic Glass Pendant Necklace. The heat lingers from a hot summer's day bringing into the night shades of black, copper and shimmers of gray. This is my entry in the July Etsy Beadweaver's Challenge - A Midsummer Night's Dream. Please check out the EBW blog at to see more entries and to vote for your favorite. Voting starts July 9th.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"Hearts to Hand"

Last year I signed up to particapate in the Bead Journal 2007 project. I started out with June and finished July. August came along and I couldn't get past "Eye of the Storm" I still haven't come to terms with a hurricane that changed so many lives. I tried to work on September but never quite got it done. I set it aside. I could not get myself to finish the project. It is sad to admit that you built a wall that you won't let yourself pass. Today I got "Hands to Heart's" Bead Embroidery by Robin Adkins. Fresh Ideas and Techniques for Creating Art with Beads. Robin wrote this book while completing her 12 pages for Bead Journal 2007. She explores the creative process of letting go and beading from your heart. I will start another bead journal. It may take me longer than a year but I will finish one. Those walls won't stand forever!! Thank you Robin for the inspiration to try again. You can purchase this book directly from from Robin's website. I got my book from Cindy Tipton aka Thanks!RLS