Monday, May 11, 2015

Long Distance Mom

Today was the 18th year that I haven't seen my Mom or kids on Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day Mom!
I try not to dwell on the sadness I feel living so far away from my family.
It isn't easy being a long distance Mom. 17 months is a long time to go without seeing them. Thank goodness for phone calls and long distance wishes for a Happy Mother's Day.
I love you Ray, Jennifer, Amiee and Ray.  I am so proud of you all.  My heart swells with pride when I talk about you and I am always talking about all of you!!

Ray, Jennifer, Amiee and Heather.  

Art wrote me a note for Mother's Day.  

Just a note of appreciation and undying love and respect to the best wife and mother of all time.
You have filled an empty spot in both my heart and my soul. I marvel at the care and love you display under sometimes adverse circumstances.
You never fail to put all of us first. For this, I shall always look in awe and continue to wonder
 I can only say Thank You for being the love of my life!

Yes I cried.

It was also Art's birthday today.  He doesn't like me to fuss or made a big deal so I filled his day with things that make him happy. We went to the bakery for doughnuts.  His favorite. Chocolate fried cakes. It was a quiet day at home spending time together 

For these blessings I am thankful.

Thursday, May 07, 2015


I recently listed the Passion Flower Pendant instructions in my shop. The color numbers for the seed beads and amounts used for the Purple Passion Flower are listed in the supply list.

Each bead store has their own unique numbering system.  I have listed the color names for the seed beads used for the Raspberry and Spearmint Lunasoft cabochons. 

In honor of Mother's Day I want to make someone's day gifting a set of Passion Flower instructions. You don't have to be a Mom to enter. 
How to enter: Leave a comment on this blog about your favorite color.  
Drawing: May 10th 

I will use the  number generator to pick the winner.

Thanks for stopping by!


I used the  number generator to pick the winner. 

Congratulations Number 7 you are the winner pamelaric!