Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurricane Pattern Sale

It looks like a good time to have a sale.
Use code: hurricane
To receive 20% off of all patterns in my etsy shop.
A sale will keep me busy while we wait for the power to be restored.
I am very thankful that my home and my friends are safe after Hurricane Isaac. I am thankful I have my iPad with all my patterns in iBooks. We hope we can go home soon.

A sample of patterns available
Garden by the Sea
Queen of Paradise
Mayan Treasure Bracelet
Siren's Jewels

Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Evacuating For Isaac.

This is what was like to driving out of New Orleans evacuating for Hurricane Isaac.
Sitting on the passenger side of the car.

Traffic is moving at snail pace on I-10. We have been on the road for 30 minutes and have moved less than 5 miles. My anxiety level is so high it makes my chest hurt.
Some Of the people we pass are laughing and having a good time. Life is a party for some leaving the city. Me in the other hand look like a bitch in the passenger seat.
6 horse in a trailer and an ambulance trying to get through 3 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic. Another ambulance is fast approaching. We are hoping there isn't an accident up ahead. It's taken 40 minutes to reach the 310 overpass.
For a minutes we were moving aright a long. One car broken down on the side of the road. We are almost over the spillways heading towards Baton Rouge. It is 6:50 pm.

Traffic just avoided a back duffle bag in the center lane.

Saw someone jogging on the side of road. He appeared to be running from the storm. Finally we saw birds flying and heard the bugs singing in the swamps.

2 more cars broke down on the side of the road.

Coffee at McD's and top off the gas tank. 23 miles to Baton Rouge.
Two cars full of rowdy kids headed into to the station. Two buses of evacuees. We are on our way.

I will take over driving soon. 8:00 o'clock and Art is done.

14 miles to Baton Rouge. We have entered the construction zone. 7:54 pm. Traffic is at a stand still.
It's night time. Darkness surrounds us.

There is no shelter of last resort in New Orleans. No Super Dome, no convention center and no airport. Not like with Katrina.

The wind is coming. They can feel it acrossing the river. Heard that on the radio.

We wonder if we are heading in the wrong direction. We continue heading west.

Price gouging in New Orleans. $5.00 for a bag of ice.
A police car has brought traffic to a stand still.

Mall of Louisania. We almost to the River bridge.

I could not imagine sitting in my apartment listening to wind howl at 100 miles an hour.

If we had followed the evacuation route and took 190. We would be in Texas now! I still can't see the Mississippi River bridge.

Another ambulance with lights and sirens. I can see the MRB. Stop.

My side is ready cramping.

The bridge! The bridge. We are crossing now.

We are on our way to Lafayette 30 miles to go. I will take over driving soon.

It's 11:15. We have stopped for the night in Duson, LA just on the other side Lafayette.

Tomorrow we head for Beaumont TX.
Thanks for listening.

Typed on my iPod

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurricanes and Birthdays

I decided this year that Katrina wasn't going to be a guest at my birthday this year. She was arrived on my 50th birthday August 29th 2005. I wasn't going to spend this hurricane season worrying about storms. June and July were uneventful and so was August until this week.

Hurricane Isaac is now in the Gulf of Mexico moving over the warm gulf waters building strength. Landfall is expected sometime late Tuesday or Wednesday.
Exactly 7 years after Hurricane Katrina. A very unwelcome guest on this birthday.

I got up this morning knowing we were going to be making plans to evacuate.
We called and made hotel reservations in Texas. After watching the track of the storm I am hoping we are far enough west.

New Orleans is now under a Hurricane watch. Louisania declared a state of emergency to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I spent the morning picking up my beads and clearing off my bead table. It sits directily under the window. I packed a box of beads to take with me.

I realized writing my morning pages how little I talked about Hurricane Katrina. We had already left town and were in Michigan watching the event unfold on TV. We arrived home 6 weeks later to unimaginable devastation. It forever changed my life and how I do things.

I am ready. Things are packed and put away. Now we wait. The storm is 536 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Naming your Bead Art

How do you turn your bead work into a piece of Bead Art?
I believe the finishing touches and surface embellishments are the secret.
A beaded band using your favorite stitch shows you have mastered the technique. When you dress up the outside rows with a finishing touch it changes the look of the beadwork. Add surface embellishments to complete the design and it turns into art.

I picked up the triangle beads at the Bead & Button show from Out on a Whim beads. I love the color. It is called Lizard Skin. As I was checking out I looked at the beads in my tray. I picked up those two tubes and asked "Do I need these"? What kind of question is that? You don't ask. You just buy them!

As for a name, I had a hard time choosing.
I got so many great suggestions on Facebook.
I learned a lot about Tudor Roses and the Bronze Age.
The one I like best is "Garden Gate" suggested by Andrew Thorton.
Thank you Andrew!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Artist Way For Beaders

How do you do to nourish your creativity?
What inspires you?

What do you do when your creativeness steps away?

I joined "The Artist Way for Beaders" on FaceBook.
Jennifer Chassalow VanBenschoten started the group.
We are going to explore Julia Cameron's book "The Artist Way" and apply it to being a Bead Artist.

I downloaded the book on iBooks.
You can download the book from
Amazon here.

The tools we will be using are:
The morning pages.
Morning Beading.
The Artist Date.

I made a decision when I joined the group not be a lurker hiding in the background.
Armed with my iPad I was ready to begin.  I had plans! My iPad was going to be my tool.  I was going to use Pages on my iPad it to write my morning pages.  The first day that is just what I did.  I had a terrible time filling three pages with writing.  Silly me!

I started reading the first chapter.

I realize I needed a notebook and pen.  My thoughts needed to flow through my hand out of the pen onto the paper.  It wasn't going to work typing my thoughts.  It was to easy to delete a sentence or change a word or even the thought.  It was hard work formulating a thought into sentence using the keypad.  These words need to come from my heart and mind not from the tips of my fingers.

I am going to do more than write my morning pages.  I am going to blog more.  I am going to learn to share more of my thoughts and my life as a Bead Artist.

It's going to be a jounery.  One I am ready to start.  There is a lot to learn.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

First Day of School

School starts early in the south. Today was the first day for many. I keep asking myself where did the summer go?

I made this bracelet for my friend who is beginning a new year teaching at a different school. Her birthday is also just a few days away.

It's been so long since I've done any stringing. It took me a long time to look through my beads and find just the right ones.

I couldn't wait to give it to her this afternoon after her first day of teaching.

Happy birthday Jan! I hope all your birthday wishes come true.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Every Bead Tells a Story

I started this lariat a year and a half go. It was the last time I drove to San Antonio to visit with Heather before they moved to Michigan. I miss sitting in her bead room and watching her make beads. When I saw these two beads sitting on her table a design came instantly to mind. I could see them as accents beads on a bead crochet lariat. Heather does that to you, she sparks creativity!

Do you remember where you were and who you were with when you bought your beads?

What memories do your beads hold? Mine are filled with memories of traveling. Good times spent beading with friends and family.

It is more than an Art Bead when I use it in a design. It's traveled across country or spent time on a tropical island and passed a good time.

Crocheted lariat - Humblebeads - Elaine Ray discs - Brass accents

Dress it up or dress it down. This lariat can go from a vacation on a tropical island to a night on the town.

Do you need to spark your creativity? Designs by Nature by Heather Powers will do the trick.