Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Evacuating For Isaac.

This is what was like to driving out of New Orleans evacuating for Hurricane Isaac.
Sitting on the passenger side of the car.

Traffic is moving at snail pace on I-10. We have been on the road for 30 minutes and have moved less than 5 miles. My anxiety level is so high it makes my chest hurt.
Some Of the people we pass are laughing and having a good time. Life is a party for some leaving the city. Me in the other hand look like a bitch in the passenger seat.
6 horse in a trailer and an ambulance trying to get through 3 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic. Another ambulance is fast approaching. We are hoping there isn't an accident up ahead. It's taken 40 minutes to reach the 310 overpass.
For a minutes we were moving aright a long. One car broken down on the side of the road. We are almost over the spillways heading towards Baton Rouge. It is 6:50 pm.

Traffic just avoided a back duffle bag in the center lane.

Saw someone jogging on the side of road. He appeared to be running from the storm. Finally we saw birds flying and heard the bugs singing in the swamps.

2 more cars broke down on the side of the road.

Coffee at McD's and top off the gas tank. 23 miles to Baton Rouge.
Two cars full of rowdy kids headed into to the station. Two buses of evacuees. We are on our way.

I will take over driving soon. 8:00 o'clock and Art is done.

14 miles to Baton Rouge. We have entered the construction zone. 7:54 pm. Traffic is at a stand still.
It's night time. Darkness surrounds us.

There is no shelter of last resort in New Orleans. No Super Dome, no convention center and no airport. Not like with Katrina.

The wind is coming. They can feel it acrossing the river. Heard that on the radio.

We wonder if we are heading in the wrong direction. We continue heading west.

Price gouging in New Orleans. $5.00 for a bag of ice.
A police car has brought traffic to a stand still.

Mall of Louisania. We almost to the River bridge.

I could not imagine sitting in my apartment listening to wind howl at 100 miles an hour.

If we had followed the evacuation route and took 190. We would be in Texas now! I still can't see the Mississippi River bridge.

Another ambulance with lights and sirens. I can see the MRB. Stop.

My side is ready cramping.

The bridge! The bridge. We are crossing now.

We are on our way to Lafayette 30 miles to go. I will take over driving soon.

It's 11:15. We have stopped for the night in Duson, LA just on the other side Lafayette.

Tomorrow we head for Beaumont TX.
Thanks for listening.

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Spirited Earth said...

i can't image what this must feel like especially with the emotional memory of Katrina not so distant..i remember watching(tv) as the buses came into the's only a few miles from where i live but it was late at night..
Hurricanes are a bitch...Ike tore into Houston,
Isacc may make a mess but i have a feeling it won't be too will be back home in a few days.

Aleta said...

Oh Bev! Big hugs! I cringed reading this, brought back to many memories. We are still here and I can't sleep. Be safe. Hugs.

Libellula Jewelry said...

On your return trip, you should try to visit Wortman Pottery in Duson. Or you could try Odell in Layfayette. After all the stress, you deserve a beautiful piece of raku!

Can you tell how much I love their work? ;)

stregata said...

Stay safe, Beverly - you are in my prayers.

Laura said...

We welcome you to Texas.

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh Miss Bev! I am praying for you and for all those that are affected. Thank you for sharing this, as hard as it must be. It gives those of us just watching on the television a more human touch to what it must be like moment by moment. Stay safe. Erin

Unknown said...

Bev, we're keeping you and everyone else who could be affected by Isaac in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe, please?

SummersStudio said...

Heart goes out to you and keeping you there.

Beverly Herman said...

Thank you my friends for stopping by and wishing us well. We are safe in Beaumont TX riding out the storm. I worry about my friends who did not leave. My prayers are with them.

Laura thank you for the welcome!