Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pizza Any One?

We just wanted Tower of Pizza. Instead we got dime size hail. Wind and rain in sheets. Wind that blew down branches. Streets flooded and the roof top ripped off of the strip mall where we had our hearts set on eating pizza tonight. We made it! 20 minutes before they opened. We watched as they sweep out and poured buckets of water out the door. Waiting for that neon SPAGEHETTI light to go on. Instead we saw other brave souls pull in the parking only to drive away. I crossed the street hoping they would say "oh yes were open" Taped to the door was a big cardboard sign that said "Carry Out Only" Now I would have called for a carry out pizza , But did I bring my phone. oN. The waitress came to the door. Bless her heart she took my order. 15 minutes later we were on our way home with our Pizza!!! Driving through water up to the wheel-well and past flooded street. Did I mention the skies were just starting to cloud up when we left on the quest for the Great Tower of Pizza. We had no idea of the adventure that awaited us as we headed out this afternoon.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Where Is The Dog?

Showers and thunderstorms send my dog Cricket into a panic. Tuesday's showers not only sent him into a panic but me as well. I came home and Cricket did not come to the door to greet us. He wasn't in the bedroom. He wasn't in the beadroom. He wasn't under the end table by the couch. He wasn't in any of the closets. Panic set in. Did I forget him out on the patio. No he wasn't there. I cried out "Cricket". I looked at my Mom and said I am not a bad Mom. How did I lose my dog! I turned down the hallway thinking what do I do next? Who do I call? The puppy police? Something caught my attention. I glanced into the bathroom and look who I found!! Cricket hiding in the bathtub with his little raisin eyes peeking out behind the shower curtian. Look Mom I am safe. That was a scary storm. I do beleive this little guy has seen one to many "how to keep safe in a storm" commericials on TV. He was smart enough to hide in the tub. Which scared the heck out of me!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Day of Summer

It is officially the first day of summer (yesterday). Where did spring go? It has been hot and humid in the south. I finished the bracelet to match the Etruscean Treasure necklace. The set is now to complete to wear to my daughter's wedding in July. The plane tickets are bought and I am ready for another week in Michigan. Last week Ann Tisdale ask about a pattern I taught at the Arkansas Beadcave II . She called it the Sunday bracelet because I taught it on Sunday morning before we all left. That didn't ring a bell! After a little researching the girls from Arkansas helped me to remember the bracelet. Seven years ago RAW (right angle weave) was a technique I could not wrap my brain around. This bracelet was created with RAW done my way. It was really difficult not to fall into the right technique as I re-created the bracelet. Oh my how my instruction writing has improved over the years!! This post has brought many wonderful memories of Beadcaves, bead retreats and bead visits. Stop by Marcie's Manor. Marice I miss you and the beadtrekers!!! I hope all our paths will cross again in the fall.

Friday, June 20, 2008

We had an Anniversary

June 17th Art and I celebrated 19 wonderful years of being married. This man who I love dearly has spent most of those years depriving me of any Kodak moments with him in a picture. My Mom took this picture of us at Barb's Wedding last weekend. I finished the Etruscean Treasure necklace by Marcia DeCoster just in time to wear to the wedding. I made matching rivoli earrings. The bracelet didn't get finished in time but I plan on wearing it July 19Th as a full set at my daughter's wedding. I just have to make another toggle for the clasp. The other one disappeared. I put it down some where and can't find it. I figured it will be just as easy to make another than to spend much more time trying to find first. I can't wait to show it Marcia on Bead Cruise 2009. We both had our doubts I would finish it. I am not a right angle weave girl. After finishing this piece I feel confident that I can master another project with RAW.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Visit and a Wedding

My brother Chris and his wife Jaimee arrived in New Orleans Wednesday afternoon. I made plans with places to go and things to see while they were here. Needless to say we didn't fit them all in. Partly due to lack of time and the other part I forgot being in a wedding includes other plans! These are my kodak moments. We found time to visit Mother's in the CBD for a taste of New Orleans. I love the neon lights on the Walgreens on Canal Street. Presenting John and Barbara Rose. The bride and groom. Chris and Barbara after the ceremony. Yes I am a big sappy person. I cried when my brother walked Barbara down the isle. I cried when he danced with her. I cried for happiness for the Bride and Groom. You can see more pictures on Flickr page.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bead & Button Show 2008

Every year I look forward to the Bead & Button Show. I can't imagine the man hours and planning that go into such a big event. My favorite part of the show are the enteries for Bead Dreams. This year "Best of Show" and First place winner from Nagoya Japan: Early Summer Wedding Bouquet The planning and execution of this design was exquisite. I found my friend Nikia Angel at Beyond Beadery booth. Oh boy!!...I went crazy buying crystal in assorted shapes and sizes. Our next stop was see Melanie from Earthenwood Studios. It looks like Melaine and Rosanne are having fun talking about beads. Melanie's booth was treasure trove of wonderful ceramic beads. Melanie designed her costume to coincide with her new line of steam punk beads. Being a Bead Artist and preparing for a show is a lot of hard work. I really appreciate the time and effort they put into creating Art Beads for our adornment and to use in our designs.

I picked up a few hanks of beads at Osiris B.E.A.D.S I think Melanie's outfit influenced my color choices. Wait those are my favorite colors!!

After leaving the show, Rosanne and I stopped by to visit Dona Anderson. It was hard to head back home the next day. It meant the end of my visit. I was really sad to leave my family and head back to New Orleans. It was one of those time that broke my heart to leave. I am glad I brought my Mom home with me!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Around the World and Back

The best part of my trip was the time I spent with my motley crew-My family: My sister's Rosanne and Susie, my niece Kayla and my Mom. Our first adventure was to Shipshewana On the Road in Berrien Springs. Rosanne found a purse in her favorite colors. Susie and Kayla were having fun looking at the t-shirts. The following weekend we had a cook out in Grand Rapids at Amiee and Eric's house. In July we will be going back to attend their wedding. Eric is a really great guy. We are happy to have him as part of our family. Iris's fruit salad recipe was a success at this family gathering. Amiee my daughter and my son Ray. My kids have grown up to be beautiful adults. This blog post would not be complete without a Cricket and puppy story. Ray is showing Cricket around the farm. Cricket also got to met his brother Bodie Ray's Great Dane. Little dog-BIG DOG!! and he is still a puppy!!! Tomorrow I post will be pictures from the Bead & Button Show. We have a busy week ahead. My brother Chris and his wife Jaimee will be flying in for the weekend. We are going to do New Orleans. We have supper at Mother's planned for Wednesday night. A river boat dinner cruise on the Natchez Thursday and a visit to the French Quarter on Friday. Saturday is the wedding. There won't be any beading going on in my beadroom this weekend!!!