Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LYNN DAVIS-Casting Pewter

Lynn Davis works magic with her pewter castings.

Creating Original Handmade Faux-tique Replica Designs.

Lynn's pieces will be sure to add something special to your designs.
Lynn Davis etsy shop
Read the stories behind her creations on her blog.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Bead & Button Shopping

Heather and Rosanne went shopping for me at the Bead & Button show. I knew I had a package coming. Heather shopped from her booth. She picked from her new beautiful creations. I am one lucky girl! (Mom)
If you missed the show you can shop for humblebeads at Heather's website and etsy shop. and

Rosanne picked a Lisa Peter's cabochon and button. Chain, spacer beads and 2 gorgeous rivoli's from Bello Modo. I love Rolo chain and rivolis!

Lisa Peter's Art on Etsy Enjoy free shipping from Bello Modo

Heather and Rosanne Thank you so much for making me feeling like I was part of the Bead & Button experience.

I asked Heather to share a few of her favorite moments from the show.
Bev: Heather what was your favorite memory from the show?
Heather: A surprise visit by my brother Ray and his wife Jennifer.
Bev: What was your favorite purchase?
Heather: A Bumble Bee by Kerri Fuhr.

My favorite part of the show was phone calls from Heather and Rosanne sharing the good times they had!
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*Disclaimer* No monetary gain was received from the vendors or family members mention in this post.

Monday, June 14, 2010

11 Days Gone By

11 days have gone by since I had surgery. For the first time in five years I am pain free. I can't describe how wonderful it feels. This afternoon I go for my post surgery check-up. I hope today is the day they remove the staples. Those 23 little buggers are irritating!
I missed the Bead & Button show. Heather had a booth this year. Her Humblebeads look delightful filling the white dishes as part of her display. My son Ray couldn't resist the five hour drive to Milwaukee to visit with his sister. I can't wait to hear the tales Rosanne and Heather will share of their show experience.

I had a few beady surprises of my own last week. Sally picked up these beautiful ceramic Raku flower at Turquoise Coyote.

Rosanne sent these wonderful ceramic pendants created by Nancy of Round Rabbit.

Thanks to all who sent well wishes and prayers.
I am working on getting back into the swing of things.