Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Beaders Palatte

Has your husband or partner said "Don't you have enough beads"? The answers is "No I don't have enough beads". The other question is: "Why do you need more beads". Just as an artist mixes paints and other mediums to create so does the bead artist. The difference being the beader must buy the colors of beads in different sizes and colors to make the pallet. This week my bead palette was expanded with some wonderful crystal lined beads in hues of purples, blue, montana blue mist, mink and copper in sizes ranging from 6, 8 and 3's from Charlene's bead Shop. Plated metal beads. These beads are not galvazined and the color will not come off. They are plated with metal. The metal beads are copper, gilding metal gold, zinc and brass. I couldn't wait to use the metal beads. One of my favorite patterns came to mind from Cheryl Assemi. The copper size 8 seed beads were perfect for the necklace. They have such a wonderful movement. I used size 3 crystal lined amethyst-copper and copper metal beads for accents. I can't wait to use the zinc beads in my next project. They are a gorgeous shade of blue gray and silver. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Queen of Mardi Gras

The Queen Of Mardi Gras with Mardi Gras music lyrics on the back side. The actual size of this pendant is 1 x 3 inches. This was the first time I have soldered something directly to the frame of the side. I still have one more step to finish. I am waiting for the pin backs. My daughter Heather is going on cruise to Mexico in a couple of weeks. She will be showing her illustrations to publishers on the cruise. I made this pin with one of her pieces of artwork to wear.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Ta Da Sisters

The best things in life are sisters. My sister Rosanne surprised me with a visit to New Orleans on Tuesday. I knew I was picking up my Mom but had no idea she was going to be here too. I picked my Mom and she told me this story about sitting next to the nicest lady on the plane who was coming to New Orleans to visit her sister. I said "oh that's nice" as my Mom puts her around me and turns me away from the Concord. Next thing I knew my Rosanne was standing behind me giving me a hug! We covered a lot territory from one end of town to the other. Wednesday we went to a Needlepoint and Yarn Shop on Magazine street. Thursday we went to Ponchatula to a bead store called Turquoise Coyote. Treasures and beads filled our bags as we left the store. One evening we made the Ta Da Ladies. We found the directions at ARTchix Studio