Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mardi Gras Pattern Sale

Mardi is February 28th this year. I always try to create a new pattern for the carnival season. This year time just got away from me before I could get one done. So I have decided to have a sale of the Mardi Gras patterns I have created in the past. The lariat on the left was designed using Mardi Gras Mask pattern. #887 The face is by Diane Briegleb. You can purchase one from Cindy Tipton Just send her an email with your request. You can see a complete lisitng of patterns I have for sale at Sale ends February 26th. Jester Amulet Bag #915 $5.00 Sale $3.50 Mardi Gras Jewel Necklace #6207 $12.00 Sale $8.00 Comedy-Tragedy Amulet Bag #883 $5.00 Sale $3.50 Mardri Gras Mask #887 $5.00 Sale $3.50 Touch of Russian Elegance #9398 $15.00 Sale $10.00 Queen of Hearts Mardi Gras Mask Pattern #5657 $6.00 Sale $4.00 Microscope slides are very popular this year. At many of the booths in Tucson the vendors were selling microscope pendants and pins. This is a fun way to display a picture of your kids, grandbabies or pets. You can also create your own works of Art and make a collage. Microscope Beaded Bezel Pattern #10909 $10.00 Sale $7.00

Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Mass or Two

Another one of the treasures I found in Tucson was 2 masses of 4mm faceted fuffy crystals in a gorgeous cranberry red luster. After seeing a necklace that Judith Giffin crocheted using the larger beads, I knew I had to try one also. Armed with my new European crochet hook. Thank you Judith!! It is a wonderful gift. I got my C-Lon cord and strung 2,100 puffy faceted crystals and began my quest to make a necklace. I like the C-Lon for crocheting with larger beads. The rope has a nice feel. For accents I used two marcasite bead caps and a marcasite toggle to complete the necklace. The bracelet has a marcasite bead as a focal point to tie the two pieces together. I have two more projects in the works. I hope to get another one of them completed this weekend. All of a sudden I have so many ideas and not enough time.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Give Or Take A Pound Or Two

There is a lot to be said about bead shopping in Tucson. I left home on January 23rd to start our 3rd annual trek to the bead shows in Tucson. The first leg of my trip was to Gilmer, Tx. 409 miles. Marcie, Becky and I were going to drive to Tombstone to stay with Judith and go to the shows. Things don't always work as we plan. Marcie's husband a medical emergency which prevented her and Becky from taking the trip with me. It took me a few days to make up my mind if I wanted to drive on to Tombstone by myself. The gypsy in me won out and I decided to make the trip on my own. Driving through Texas can be a very lonely adventure. For miles there is nothing but desert. No lights, no radio and cellphones don't work. Where was my puppy when I needed him? My goal was to reach Van Horn the first night. I promised I would stop driving when it got dark. I had 40 miles to go as darkness closed in like a blanket with just a sliver of light on the horizon. It reminded me of a child peeking out of the covers and seeing the hall light on. I made it. The next day I arrived at Fort Huachuca early in the afternoon. I couldn't pass by without stopping and having a cup of coffee with my brother Chris. By the time I got to Judith's I driven 1,043 miles to Tombstone AZ. We started our marathon shopping Sunday at the largest Gem and Mineral show in the world. The entire town of Tucson is filled with vendors from all over the world selling everything from pearls, stones to finished goods. One of the treasures I found at the show were hand painted lacquer beads. I was thrilled to find one with a flamingo. Five days later and I am 10 lbs lighter and carrying back 25 lbs of beads to New Orleans. I will write more later. Right now I am dead tire and suffering from a big case of bead overload. I should be fully recovered by the time I get back home.