Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mardi Gras Pattern Sale

Mardi is February 28th this year. I always try to create a new pattern for the carnival season. This year time just got away from me before I could get one done. So I have decided to have a sale of the Mardi Gras patterns I have created in the past. The lariat on the left was designed using Mardi Gras Mask pattern. #887 The face is by Diane Briegleb. You can purchase one from Cindy Tipton Just send her an email with your request. You can see a complete lisitng of patterns I have for sale at Sale ends February 26th. Jester Amulet Bag #915 $5.00 Sale $3.50 Mardi Gras Jewel Necklace #6207 $12.00 Sale $8.00 Comedy-Tragedy Amulet Bag #883 $5.00 Sale $3.50 Mardri Gras Mask #887 $5.00 Sale $3.50 Touch of Russian Elegance #9398 $15.00 Sale $10.00 Queen of Hearts Mardi Gras Mask Pattern #5657 $6.00 Sale $4.00 Microscope slides are very popular this year. At many of the booths in Tucson the vendors were selling microscope pendants and pins. This is a fun way to display a picture of your kids, grandbabies or pets. You can also create your own works of Art and make a collage. Microscope Beaded Bezel Pattern #10909 $10.00 Sale $7.00

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