Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's My Birthday

You say it's your birthday?...that's right. August 29Th. I made plans to celebrate my birthday before I had surgery. I ordered a Doberge Cake from Maurice's Bakery. Hurricane Gustav Today we are planning for the worse and hoping for the best. I spent yesterday packing my beads to evacuate. How do you decide which beads you will take with you? My Mom said "Bev you look like your deciding which children get to go. I have been collecting them for over 12 years. All those beads, stones, delicas, seed beads and findings. I filled a suitecase. Not just a suitcase but the biggest one I had. It was so heavy my husband just about hurt himself getting if off the bed. I told him slide it off the bed to the floor!! So tomorrow morning we will pack the car and head for Michigan. We will be leaving before a mandatory evacuation. Better to be safe and out of harms way. I will keep in touch through my blog

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Healing Doll

When I got home Tuesday morning there was package waiting for me. It was a healing doll from my friend Crystal Fox. (Beadfox) I put her right next to my bedstand. I slept alot the first day. Getting up, laying down, turning over and sitting up proved difficult with a new Titian Mesh screen. I have been dubbed RoBoBev2.0 by daughter. Wednesday morning the door bell rang. This beautiful spring bouquet of flowers was sent by my sister Rosanne. The next day my friends Mel and Libby sent this wonderful bouquet of flowers Thank you for the prayers and healing thoughts, the cards, the flowers and the phone calls.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A word from Beverly

Just got word that Beverly has had her surgery and everything went well. She's still in recovery and might stay the night. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We all wish you a speedy recovery Bevvie! Rosanne

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wrapping Things Up

I love my humblebeads cuff beads. Last night I finished this Garden Cuff bracelet for a special person. It went out in the mail this afternoon. I am working on offering this pattern for sale late September, along with past bead cruise projects. This will include Triton's Daughter necklace, Mayan Treasure bracelet and a Touch of Russian Elegance. Saturday is our bead society meeting. Our project this month is a Russian Spiral. I have the instructions printed and kits put together. If you would like to give this technique a try the instructions are available at The time has sped by with only 3 days to go before surgery. I am not sure if I will make another blog post before Monday. I will be back when I have recovered. Thank you all so much for your prayers and well wishes.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

There are Witches in this Post

In June I brought my Mom back home with me for a visit. We drove to Mississippi to see with my Aunt Delores and Uncle Joe. Aunt Delores has been busy making Witches for Halloween. These are replacements for her girls who lost all their holiday decorations in the storm (Katrina) 84 days to go. Are you ready for Holloween?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I've Got A Date

Not a real date but a surgery date on August 18Th for two hernia repairs from previous surgeries. If all goes well they will be able to complete the procedure with laparoscopic surgery. In the mean time I haven't been doing much. Walking, sitting, standing and bending over the bead table are off limits right now. **Thanks for the all the prayers and well wishes for Dona Anderson. After 20 days in the hospital she is home resting. The crochet has been coming along beautifully. I have 3 row to complete and than I can starch and shape it. I recently purchased this Magic Crochet book on etsy: Seller sandritocat I had this magazine many years ago. It was much easier at this time to purchase the magazine than try to dig threw my closets to find the box which holds my crochet books. Thats enough from tonight. I am all worn out!