Monday, November 28, 2005

Copyrights "I Should be flattered"

As a bead designer many hours are spent creating a design. I put a lot of details into the step by step instructions and graphics. On the pattern there is a copyright that states this is for your personnal use. Personal use: This means if you purchase the pattern you have the right to make the design. You can sell the jewelry you made from the pattern for pin money. It may not be mass produced or taught as a class with permission from the designer. "Pin Money" n. Money for incidental expenses. What effect does this have on the designer? 1. A violation of the rights of the designer 2. Lost of income 3. Legal fees If you make photo copies or share the pattern electronicaly over the internet you are depriving the designer of income from that design. In most cases legal action will be taken by the Designer. For another view on bead copyright issues please read Beadline's Blog. I was told I finally "made it" as a designer if someone copies your design. You should be flattered. I am not when it is done on such a large scale.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Bead Pavilion Storage Unit

Being a beader you know the hardest part of beading is trying to find a way to store your beads. There never seemed to be an easy way to have your beads at your finger tips when it is time to start a project. I have tried plano boxes, cardboard boxes, trays with tops and trays with no tops. Big baskets and little baskets. Sova Enterprises has come up with the perfect solution. The Bead Pavilion. There are two ways to purchase this unit. One is the Bead Pavilion with four shelves or you can purchase just the shelves. The shelves are stackable. There are two types of shelves to chose from. One will hold square tic tac containers and the other will hold round tubes. I got my Bead Pavilions from Cindy Tipton at Cindy's Crafts. Cindy will fix you right up and help you find the right size tic tac's or tubes for your shelves. I am off to bead something now that I can see my beads.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Gadget Girl

I am always looking for a way to make something easier. Have you ever tried to make your own earring wires? It is very hard to make two exactly the same size. I have found this wonderful gadget called EZ Earring. I bought it from You will find very detailed instructions to guide you through making your own earring wires. The next step is the design. I chose 4 mm Swavorski cream and 20 mm blue Swavorski pearls with Tribal Silver bead caps. I added the componets and finished the ends of the wire by making a very small bend to hold everything in place. If you are doing juried shows or sell your designs in a gallery. This could be just the gadget for you. This finished pair of earrings are now in a private collection. Below are other examples of earrings I made.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Studio Friday "Secrets"

Today is Studio Friday The theme is "Secrets". Yes I have a few secrets. I keep them in a bottle. My granddaughter Hannah and I whispered secrets in to this bead bottled five years ago. What kind of secrets? I can't tell you or they wouldn't be secrets! My other big secret is I am pack rat. If I can't use it today, I might be able to use tomorrow, or next year or maybe never..... but I can't throw it away. Another thing happened today. I have been tagged by Janee's Tag I am it! These are 20 random things about me. This tag was suppose to be for illustrators. It may not be illustrations on paper but it is illustrations of art with beads. 1. Even if you have a million beads you still might not have that one special bead. 2. I could spend the rent money on Beads if I didn't have a conscience. 3. I am 5'3" and a foot shorter than my husband. 4. I own a van, but I am not a scoccer Mom. 5. I love teaching beading classes. 6. If I could run away it would be back home to Michigan. 7. I would love to own a motor home. 8. The Discovery Health Channel is my TV station of choice at night. 9. Steel Magnolias is my favorite movie. 10. I had a identical twin sister her name was Mary. Yikes two of me? 11. My favorite coffee is Mocha Latte's 12. I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger. 13. I do not like life in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina 14. My favorite bead artist is Dona Anderson 15. Naps are a must in the afternoon. No I am getting to be that age! It is the medication I take daily. 16. I would rather have a baby than go to the dentist. 17. I treasure my friends. 18. I am a computer geek 19. I don't pass on email chain letters. 20. I believe in God the Father almighty maker of Heaven and Earth. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I hope this wasn't more than you wanted to learn but here it is 20 things about me.

A Trip to San Antonio

I just got back from a trip to San Antonio. I had a great visit with my daughter and her family. Hannah and Evangeline are getting so big! Our plans for the week were to watch Heather's premier on HGTV's "That Clever". Heather showed how to make her Dragonfly pendant and a block print. You can order your very own Dragonfly Pendant from Humblebeads Congratulations on a job well done. I am very proud of you. We like to try new things when we get together with our beads and findings. Our stitch of choice was the herringbone. We put sterling silver wire through the middle of the bracelet and added a hand-crafted clasp. I like to make my own head pins and earring wires. I got a really great earring maker called EZ Earring from Danrek Jewelry Supply. I like the versatility of being able to make different styles from the same jig. I added pearls to the wires to create a one of a kind pair of earrings. I knotted pearl buttons and orange sponge coral beads to make a necklace and bracelet with matching earrings. After all this creating we did the Houston Street Fair on Saturday. It was a first time street fair put on by the mayor of San Antonio. I was so excited when I sold a pair of earrings to the Mayor's wife. The weather was beautiful. The best part of the day was when someone would come into our booth and say to Heather "I saw you on HGTV yesterday"! I spent my day with a celebrity The animated pictures on this blog were made with Bannershop Gif Animator 5 by Selteco Click on any image on this blog for a larger view.