Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Queen Wanna Bead

I am up to my tiara in beads, crystals and clasps. My printer has been singing, tossing out page after page of instructions. I am getting ready for the Bead Cruise.

I can't see my beadroom floor or my beading table but in my mind's eye I can see white sandy beaches and feel the ocean breezes. I will have a chance to dress up with my tiara. There will be a cocktail party with prizes. I am going as Queen Wanna Bead. My dress will be a little different but than so is my Queen of Denial and the Queen of Paradise.
The countdown begins. 15 days and 20 hours! Did you know there is an app for that. It's called Ship Mate - Royal Caribbean. You can find it on iTunes or the app store on your apple devices.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

The weather was perfect for a day at the zoo. It was one of the places my Mom wanted to visit while she is here.

The weather was perfect for a day at the zoo. So off we went for an adventure to see a Jaguar, Gorillas, Bears, and other animals and birds.

Using my iPod with the HDR app. I got down on the ground tucked myself in the corner of the glass and used a rock to keep my iPod steady. The adventure came afterwards...getting back up!

We were just in time to watch the elephant enjoy breakfast.

The zoo handler called the Gorillas by name and made a game of playing catch with them, tossing fruit and corn for them to catch.

Settling down for a nap after breakfast

That's it for tonight. There's more but I will save it for the next post.

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