Saturday, January 30, 2010

For One Week

Freedom of the Sea was home.
We sailed the high seas!
and found mermaids on the Promenade.
We visited tropical islands (St.Marteen)
We had days of shopping with BelloModo
Two very talented instructors. Tracy Stanley and Barb Switzer
Everyone loved their classes!
We had a presentation on color by Margie Deeb. The color expert.

Heather Powers did a demo on patina and stamping with Vintaj brass. She captured the attention of everyone watching.

These were just a few of my favorite things about Bead Cruise 2010 There is more but I will save them for another post. Stay tuned for a look through our gift bags and with links to the sponsors.
Thanks for stopping by. Beverly

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bear Hugs

Friday morning. I passed on the coffee and breakfast. I got up, threw on some clothes and headed straight to the "Doc in the Box" (Urgent Care) There is something about dry air and the furnace running that sends me into a vapor lock. Cricket thought a little puppy love would do the trick. He sure knows how to make me feel better. Especially when he shares his bear.
My sister laughs at me when I tell her how cold it is here in the south. She would love to have temperatures in the 30's. No thank you I can't do -7 degrees with wind chills in the teens. They don't make warm clothes in the south. Even the sweatshirts are made of light weight material. Things are warming up tomorrow with highs in the 50's. Next weekend is the Bead Cruise. I am already to set sail! I need those tropical breezes, beads, family and friends! Next weekend when I leave town my husband will be glued to the tube watching the Saints. I will be sitting on the deck of a cruise ship with a little umbrella in my drink! I will wear my Saints Earrings gifted to me by my friend Carol.

Keep warm it's freezing out there!