Monday, September 05, 2005

Living Day To Day

It has been 8 days since we left our home. Our vacation is now a place of safe haven at my Moms. We are wondering how do you pick up the pieces? Do we try to move back home when they give the ok and say it is safe, or do we start our lives over again in Michigan? We don't know. I am no longer saying I am not going back and you can't make me. I know my home is where my husband has a job. On to more pleasant things. This weekend I did a show with my sister Rosanne. It was the "All Crafts Fair" a juried show. It was sad to see all the commerical products that were suppose to be hand made. It is really hard compete with jewerly that sells for $5.00 and up from a trade show. It is like comparing Macy's to Walmart. I am thankful I made enough to make my van payment and help out with groceries. I always look forward to this weekend and spending time with my sister. I got to spend time with my daughter Amiee and my son Ray. Katelyn, Josh and Allison are growing up so fast. I want to thank everyone who has emailed and called to check on us. Friends are such a blessing and I am grateful for each and everyone of you.


Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

Hugs, Bev, Jenny in NH here. Wanted to make sure you saw at least one comment that isn't spam.

If you turn on the word verification for comments - it's on the comment tab of your settings - you'll eliminate the spam.

Meanwhile, it's just so good to see news from you. If you decide to visit NH, you've got a standing invitation to come to the Craft Goddess' Craft Circle with Judith.

Hugs, and be well,


The bad Liz said...

Bev - I am so glad to know that you and Art are safe in Michigan with family. Nothing can compare to what you are going through - but you have a friend and a shoulder here if you need it.

It may be just too early for you to decide what you and Art are going to do - time will tell. You two will make an intelligent decision when that time comes.

Be safe, be as content as you can be at this time. Take care!