Saturday, June 30, 2007

Garden by the Sea

It's been a long time since I have felt the bead lust churning inside. Working feverishly this design has been growing in my mind. For Bead Cruise 2008 I wanted to create my class projects using Art Beads from our sponsors. These sponsors help to make our bead cruise a success with their generous donations for door prizes and gifts for those attending our adventures on the high seas. Below is a special edition cuff bead from Humblebeads. Show casing the bead as a focal point in the project was my challenage. The beadwork had to stand out and not take away from the beauty of the bead. The beadweaving techinques used had to enhance it. The end result: Garden by the Sea I wanted the clasp to be a part of the design. I am looking forward to teaching this as a class on Bead Cruise 2008. Open registration begins July 20th. . My To-list is long with a page being due for the Bead Journal Project, another project to complete and rivoli's I want to bead. One thing at a time. *Breath*

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Judith said...

Nice project Bevvie - I think you acomplished what you set out to do - The bead and bracelet look like they were made for each other.