Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 2007 Bead Journal Project

I decided I could not start or finish a bead journal page for August. It weighed so heavy on my mind I had nightmares about it. My son once told me cry a river, build a bridge and get over it. Well, I cried that river, I built a bridge but I can not get over it. What is IT? Living in New Orleans Post Katrina. Sharing my birthday August 29th with a devastating event that changed so many lives including mine. The center of my page is an procelian button of an eye. Representing the eye of the storm. In my mind I beaded eye lashes on the top and bottom. Storm are still brewing in the south and a dark cloud hangs over those of us living on the edge. On the edge of trying to rebuild. Living on the edge watching the next storms forming in the Gulf. So for now just like this city of New Orleans my page will be waiting....waiting for a rebuilding.


The Lone Beader® said...

What your son said was absolutely brilliant! I need to apply that to daily life...

And, BTW, I added a few items to my Cafepress shop that feature my beaded flamingo images. Enjoy=:)

melanie brooks said...

I am so sorry for your sadness. I am thinking of you.

I hope you were able to spend some quality time talking or visiting with friends and family for your birthday. It is unfortunate that it is marked with unhappiness for you now.


Denise said...

I love the image that you created on the blog - it's simplicity is reflective of your feelings and of the storms and of what August has come to mean.
I wish for you an ability to bead it so you can see the progress you have made in your own rebuilding.

The bad Liz said...

Looks like you finished your page to me. Think about it. It is your statement.

Hugs Bevvie - Love ya!!

Padparadscha said...

I think you're very brave to bead about this event. It can't be easy to face the pain and fear again.

I only visited to places in the USA, back in 1999 ; New York and New Orleans. Right now I'm drinking from my favourite coffee mug with a white magnolia which I bought in your lovely town. I really loved New Orleans and I was so sad with Katrina.

29th August is my eldest daughter's birthday too.

I send you hugs from faraway France. And I think your BJP page is great.