Sunday, November 04, 2007

Capturing the Stone

This weekend I taught a class called "Capturing the Stone". I believe a successful class is due to the detail and preparation of the instructions. As I bead a design I am visualizing how I will reconstruct it in the software program I use. This is an example of a graph I used in my instructions. Each bead in the diagram is drawn one at a time and the design is reconstructed. I brought along an example of a netted bracelet with a cabochon center. Once completed the Captured Stone can be used as a focal point on a necklace or on a bracelet design or as brooch. The pattern for the netted bracelet can be found at Netted Bracelet Pattern #8383 Dress up a netted bracelet with a picot edging. Finish off with a square stitch closure and a fancy button. I was in a beading frenzy this afernoon. The cabochon was captured and the netted started for the bracelet. I see gray pearls as accent embellishments completing this design. My daughter humblebeads has me singing Christmas songs as she prepares for her Holiday open house on etsy starting Monday. Other patterns on sale this week at Angel Pin Item #3320 Regular price $8.00 on sale price $6.00 Christmas Tree Pin Item #3217 Regular pricee $5.00 on sale price for $4.00 That is it for tonight. I am not trying to start mass panic but Christmas is only 7 or so weeks away!


Judith said...

... and your instructions are some of the best out there - clear, concise and complete.

I'm already for Christmas, shopping's done - are you?

Jean Hutter said...

These are just amazing - do you back your focal bead (stiff stuff and ultra suede) or just bead around it? I bought your netted bracelet pattern today - but will do something else for the November netting challenge. But I must say I am dying to try this bracelet!

Beverly Herman said...

Jean I use e'tal paper to bead embroider around the cab. Than it is backed with ultra suede. Have fun with the netted bracelet. I don't see why you couldn't use for the challenge. Add something to top to make it unique.

Jean Hutter said...

I think I am going to try a necklace for the November challenge - netting is new for me - as are most beadweaving techniques - but I am having fun. One question if that is OK after you bead your cab how do you attach it to the netted bracelet? I have done a few beaded cabs but I used them in a necklace that I strung never in a bracelet.