Friday, March 21, 2008

Bead Whisperer

Is there a Bead Whisperer? Someone who can come to my house and make my bead behave? I have no control over my beads. Instead of me ruling the roost, they have taken over the roost. I am so guilty of letting my beadroom get out of hand. I used to have organized chaos. Now I have beads gone wild. I got boxes for my beads and beads for my boxes. They have ended up in other boxes of things to be put away. Definition of Scientific and mathematical chaos from Wikpedia: Mathematically, chaos means an aperiodic deterministic behavior which is very sensitive to its initial conditions, i.e., infinitesimal perturbations of initial conditions for a chaotic dynamical system lead to large variations of the orbit in the phase space. This means my beads are flying out their boxes and into boxes with devastating effects. I know what I have but I what I have is boxes of beads waiting to be put back into its proper bead box. Maybe I really need a box whisperer. I have boxes that haven't been unpack from our move 3 years ago. While trying to make peace with this chaos I will stop and smell the flowers. Spring is here. The flowers are in full bloom right out side my patio.


The Lone Beader® said...

LOL! I think you meant Bead Whisperer? And, I know what you mean. I'm still workin on organizing my beads.

beadbabe49 said...

Didn't the beading daily website have a poll on how folks organized their beads last month? There were lots of different suggestions of how to organize in a way that worked best for you.

Jennifer said...

I'm an organizing freak. Try Ikea for inexpensive solutions.

Beverly Herman said...

Lone Beader you now an offical sister! You have laughed at my typos. They are now fixed. *grin*

Beverly Herman said...

Yes, The bead daily did poll on how to organize your beads. Every year I go through this trying this and that for some symbol of sanity. The one thing I haven't tried yet is Ikea. I might just have to stop at there one of these days.

Rosanne said...

Well don't fret, cause you are not runs in the family!
Welcome to my
I think it can go either way, you can be too well organized too. What fun is that? Believe me, if we haven't figured it out by now, we never will.
Love your azaelas, I just have snow

Cindy Gimbrone said...

YAY Bev! You've explained what's happened in my house! I think my beads are mathematical geniuses and have figured out how to fly out of their boxes.

I wonder if I could convince Ikea to set up a store near me - I'm sure I could personally keep it in business buying all of the things I need to organize myself.

Thanks for the giggle!


Jean Hutter said...

I like your term "Beads Gone Wild" great name for your next piece!!

Anonymous said...

This would only be a pity if it kept you from creating. Since it probably encourages you-I say 'rock on, beads' and Bev!

Look forward to the class ASA you're ready!

jane langan

The bad Liz said...

I wish I could stay organized. I have to clean up my beads before I can paint my beadroom, and I can't seem to get myself started. I really need to purge the stuff that I haven't looked at in more than 5 years.....Help!