Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cajun Haircut

A few years back I took my friend John to his old neighborhood for a haircut. Walking in the door of the old barber shop was like stepping back into time. The two barber's wore old fashion polyester uniforms. The combs sat on the counter in glass jars in some kind of disinfect. The shop was divide into two sides one for women's hair cuts and the other side for the men. While John was getting his cut I stepped over to the other side and got my hair cut. Not being from the old neighborhood I was unfamiliar with the accents. I thought she said "You keep your short don't ya"? What I didn't hear was you want hair short don't' you? I said yes I do. That was the shortest haircut I ever had!! My friend Brenda told me I was not allowed to get another haircut with her Dad ever again. That brings me to my story for today. I really needed a hair cut and made an appointment at the Clippership for a cut and style this afternoon. My hair had a growing streak and I had wings! I was really looking forward to getting out of the house by myself without having someone drive the car for me. I think I have learned my lesson not to talk about short hair while I am getting mine cut. I ended up with another Cajun hair cut only I was in South Haven, Michigan! My daughter Amiee come over to visit today and she brought her pet goat. His name is Otis. Oh my gosh! The goat wasn't any bigger than my dog Cricket. The goat followed my Daughter around saying Maaa Maaa. Amiee brought her wedding albums and fudge from Mackinaw Island. It was so good! We shared wonderful memories of her special day looking at the pictures. Tomorrow will by last day for visiting with my sisters. We are heading south Saturday morning. I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with my family. I will really miss everyone when we get back home. Maybe some day we will be able to move closer to home. I also have enjoyed my blogging time. Sharing little bits about my life.

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KV said...

Hope you have made it home safely.

Kathy V in NM