Monday, May 25, 2009

Speaking of the Muse

Meaning of Muse

The term refers to a source of inspiration, accessible by artists and generally restricted to artists (artists in a broad sense). The muse is not in itself a delusion, or hallucination, but rather a myth to which writers, musicians, painters (bead weavers) and more are able to credit the conception of their art to - those times when the artist has not been actively designing a piece, but spontaneously has an idea for one.

Scarlett Lanson of The Beader's Muse is hosting her second "Use the Muse II constest". The muse for this contest is mystery component by Lillypilly. The prizes range from a Grand Prize, Second place, Third place with 10 catagory prizes.

This is a picture of the Grand Prize. Read about the sponsors here.

To be a part of this contest you will need to purchase a kit with the mystery muse component and an assortment of other beads to help you create your design. The cost of the kit is $30 plus $5.00 for shipping. You are not limited to just to the beads in the kit. You can use your own beads in combination with the kit. The deadline to order your kit is June 27th. Are you ready to test your muse?


Jean Hutter said...

Thanks Bev - I am going to enter this - I saw the entries last time and it looked to be very exciting. Right now I am feeling very uninspired so maybe this will jump start my creativity.

Beverly Herman said...

Jean I missed the last contest also. My favorite kind of beading is not planned but drawn from a group of beads in different colors and shapes. I think it will inspire both of us to play with the muse.