Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sharing Some of the Fun

The plane ride to Chicago was unevental until we hit Midway Airport. SouthWest dropped the ol' bird out of the sky so fast we skidded to stop bracing as the brakes screeched to a halt. I had the front row seat and litterly had my feet up on the wall!  There to great was my daughter Amiee with her beautiful smile and her husband Eric who evaded the camera.

I really tried not to get sick but Hurricane Ida blew alot of crap our way before I left.  It started as allergies and turned in Bronchial Asthma.  After our Helicopter ride to Grand Rapids I had to make a trip the Doc in the Box on Sunday.  A Z-pack and steriods have things back on track and I can breath again  thank goodness.  Saturday morning we went to the Threater and saw New Moon.  I liked it just as much as Twilight. You have to go knowing it won't have as much detail as the books and you will like it.
Tomorrow I am going to go watch it again with my sisters. I love when we get to have a sister's day.  It will be a movie, lunch, bead shopping coffee drinking day.
I am going to leave you with some Aerial shots from my helicopter ride
Flying above the clouds. at 3,000 ft.

M-43 Turn about in South Haven, MI

Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks for stopping.


stregata said...

Hope you have a most wonderful time and no more asthma!!

Charlene said...

I've had the same experience on Southwest, thank goodness the bulkhead is sturdy enough to withstand our pushing, heh? Great pics of Grand Rapids - I have a cousin currently in college there, my father started with the company there, we lived in Grand Haven for a few years, and overall, I love that part of the country :) Enjoy your stay.

Summer said...

Great shots of GR:) I live here and more or less enjoy it, though we do have a sad lack of bead stores... There used to be more in the area, but they've been closing thanks to MI's crappy economic status.