Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friends and the City

Seems I've been on the run for the last 3 weeks with packing and the move. When my friend Sharon called and said she would be in town I jumped on the chance to meet her in the city. We headed to the French Market where enjoyed watching an artist paint letters and names. A poet read us a poem. Sharon found a purse that was just right for a night on the town.

We crossed the street and headed to The Artist Market and Beadshop Where Jan greeted us with a sweet smile and a warm welcome.

I love New Orleans art.

For years Sharon has heard me talk about Mother's Restaurant. How could not stop there for lunch! The afternoon thunderstorms rolled in which prolonged our stay. Bread Pudding kept us entertained as we waited for them to pass. Our next stop, the Carrolton cemetery.

I love when friends come to town and I get to spend time with them. Thanks Sharon! I had a great day.


Danielle said...

New Orleans is one of the places that my husband and I want to visit, for the food, the people and the history. I love your family crypt photos, they very much reminded me of the cemetery in France where my grandparents are buried. Looks like you had a wonderful visit with your friend. Thanks for sharing.

H.T. said...

I am so happy,that You have showed the piece of New Orlean to me,as I have been to the US three times and only to NYC and Philadelphia.New Orleans is traditional and very specific.One of my friends had spent some years there.I love music coming from that region.Mostly old,good,traditional jazz.
Thank You very much for that 'photo-excursion' and for all impression connected to it.
Warm Greetings from DK-Halinka-

steufel said...

Amazing pics. I was lucky to visit New Orleans years ago and I remember how impressed I was. Especially the cemetry was amazing.

Unknown said...

Bev, I am so homesick. I love Phoenix, but New Orleans is my home.