Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Time!

It's been a few years since I've been ready for Christmas. In years past I was always sad living so far away from my family. I missed the opening of presents and Christmas dinners.

My wise daughter who is always filled the Christmas spirit told me we needed to start our own traditions. She told me we needed to make our own joy and happy memories. For years I did not decorated. Last year my husband said "enough" and we went shopping for Christmas decorations and a tree. We made a night of setting it up and decorating together.

This year the traditions have continued. Art and I decorated together. I shopped for Christmas PJ's for the grand children and made hand presents. I cooked and baked special treats and spent Christmas eve delivering them to my friends.

My heart was filled with joy!

Along with being a New Orleans tradition Mr. Bingle has now become a collection. Two more were added to the tree this year.

This is the poem that comes printed on a card with every Mr. Bingle.

When Santa left his shop one day he found a snowman near his sleigh. "you'll be my helper now." he said, and tapped the little fellow's head.

The snowman found that he could talk. "Look Santa I can even walk!" And then he gave a little sigh..."oh how I wish I could fly!"

So Santa gave him holly wings then looking through his Christmas things, found ornaments the very size to make a pair of shining eyes.

Than Santa said, "You need a hat; an ice cones's just right for that. And keep this candy cane with you; you'll see what magic it can do!"

The snowman laughed and sang a jingle, so Santa named him Mr. Bingle®" That's how it happened. Now he's here for us to enjoy throughout the year!

The story about how Mr. Bingle originated can be found on Wikpedia

Wishing you peace and happiness and a Happy New Year!


stregata said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Beverly.

Marcia DeCoster said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Bev, I am so glad Heather gave you that good advice. We too are away from family on Christmas. We decorated less, but we did decorate and made Christmas cookies and took them to neighbors. They were so surprised. Seems the neighborly traditions have gone away.

Love the Mr. Bingle poem