Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Couldn't be Happier!

The first 8 days of my vacation have sped by.
I made beads, pulled weeds and celebrated the holiday weekend with my family.

My girls make me laugh and my heart sings with joy when we are together.

My son Ray looks so serious. Don't let that fool you. He is quite the jokester too! I love the stories he tells me.

Friday I will be spending the day with my sister Rosanne. We have plans for Saturday with Heather to make beads. The Bead & Button show is fast approaching.

Mom and I will be traveling to the Bead & Button show together. I love road trips with my Mom. We always have a good time.

I've been driving everyone nuts with my picture taking. That's alright because I need those Kodak moments to take home with me.


stregata said...

Glad you're enjoying your vacation, Bev. Continue to have a good time and enjoy the family.

Heather Powers said...

So happy you are here too!!!!!

forschein said...

Your entire family looks like you! How cool! I'm so happy you are having a good time. I don't want my Mommy to leave. - Ria Blackwell