Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Big 50

Every Friday night we meet at Planc's Coffee & Tea to visit. Steve and Debb make a mean cup of cafe mocha, 2% milk with a little whip cream please. I love their kids Chris and Andrew. Tonight we had dinner together. (Tammye, Chuck and I) Something we do just about every Friday. I never thought they would surprise me with a birthday party tonight. Monday I am the big 50 or as my daughter tells the new 30. I should have suspected some thing was up when Tammye told me our friend Carolyn was joining us also. We grilled steak and tuna and had green bean casserole with artichoke hearts topped with bread crumbs. Tammye made a super salad with red, yellow peppers, avocados, grapes, almond slices and lettuce. After dinner they sang happy birthday and we had a wonderful carrot cake from Maurice's Bakery with 3 candles to make a wish. One for past, present and future. I blew them out and made a wish. I can't tell you how much it means to have such wonderful friends in New Orleans. I will be in Michigan with my family the day of my birthday. We are leaving with the threat of Hurricane Katrina possibly making landfall close to New Orleans. Tonight I went back through my beads and packed some of my favorite one. Who knows what we will come home to after the storm hits. Bead Happy and be well...I am on the road again.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, a little early Mom! Sounds wonderful. enjoy michigan and give everyone a hug from me!

stephaniedistler said...

Happy birthday!!!
I hope everything is going well with you with the hurricane. We have been keeping abreast of the news from there and I hope you and yours are safe.