Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sleeve Art

It's that time of the year when we get together for our Gilmer Get Away. We have fun trying out new ideas on each other to see where they will take us. We all tried our hand felting. It is always interesting to see what five different women will come up with all using the same supplies. First we tried wet felting and made felted ball. Jackie brought wool garments which we washed and felted. Out of necessity sleeve art was created. I can sew with the beads but I can't sew material together to make something. Isn't that crazy! The light came on with Judith first. She created her purse using the felted sleeve of a cashmere sweater which brought me to the sleeve of a jacket for my flamingo purse. This was the beginning of sleeve art. The other projects we worked on here felted cell phone holders, felted ball necklace and felted lariats. What was really different about this get together was the food we ate. Over the last seven years we have acquired special diets. I have to eat Gluten-free and Marcie has to eat low carb and low sugar. Our first night was a rolled port roast with bread crumbs made from Gluten free bread and special spices. The side dishes were pumpkin with spices, baked apples and a salad. The next night was spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce. We all take turns cooking and the next night Jackie made a stir fry chicken veggie dish with the spaghetti squash and green beans with cranberries. Are you hungry yet? Tonight it was eggplant with ham and baked apples. So far our favorite shopping trip has been to Dressing Gaudy. What a fun place. Funky clothes, beaded shoes, boa's and hand bags. It was a fun place to hang out for awhile in between the beading stretches. Watch for more pictures of a beaded square picture we have been working.

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