Friday, January 19, 2007

Not much beading going on this week. They are renovating our apartment complex and finally made it down to our building. The generators are running and they are pressure washing the buildings. The old window frames are being replaced with new. Next the painting will begin. The mold in the air is terrible. People walk out of their apartments and start coughing. Mine was bad enough to send me to the doctor for a breathing treatment and a shot of steroids. I would like to run away from home for the next couple of weeks but that is not possible. My prayers this week go to all of those who have love ones recovering from surgeries, for those families who have lost loved ones this week. May God bless you and heal your love ones. May you be blessed with peace and healing. Nite Boo


Judith said...

The couch in Tombstone is unoccupied and the Tucson Gem shows start the 30th Jan! You've got time to get out of NOLA and come visit! Feel better quickly.

Beverly Herman said...

I wish I could do a trip right now to Tombstone. Thanks so much for being there.