Thursday, February 08, 2007

Petersite Bead Crochet

I have been hoarding this petersite pendant for almost 5 years. I had the idea in my head. I just wasn't sure how the design was going to work out. The scanner did not capture the shimmer and shine playing on the stone. 10 mm pumpkin tiger eye beads accent the ends of the ropes. I want to do some kind of surface embellishments on the beaded beads. Saturday I hope to pick some 13 charoletts at the Intergalactic bead show. My critique on the piece. Is it needs something ornate on the beaded beads that won't distract from the pendant. Any other critiques or suggestions will be taken into consideration as I wait for this piece to tell me when it is finished.


Judith said...

consider making each side a little bit different with graduated looped fringe?
Glad to see that the pendant has finally been used, it's all beautiful

The Lone Beader® said...

This pendant ROCKS=:)

And, sometimes, its tough to get the best photo.

Happy Valentine's Day=:)