Monday, May 07, 2007

Finished Bead Cruise Projects

In the spotlight. Anne Tisdale was spotted at the San Antonio Bead Society Show wearing her Touch of Russian Elegance Necklace. The design was one I taught on the Bead Cruise this year. Doen't she look lovely! The orginal "Touch of Russian Elegance has a vintage brooch for the focal point. For the cruise I modified the instructions to include making a bezel with a 27 mm Swarvarski Crystal for the center of the necklace. Sharon Hessoun made earrings to match her Marcasite and Blue Iris Touch of Russian Elegance necklace. For a limited time I am offering kits and pattern books for the "Touch of Russian Elegance Necklace. Also available are kits and instructions for the "Bumps in the Road" bracelet. You can see them at my website on the Kits and Book page.


nordwolke said...

I love this piece! Great design!

The bad Liz said...

Anne and Sharon did wonderful jobs on that necklace. I might have to mosey over to and pick that one up.